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Below are a few of the projects that have been created by Softcom Development.

Management Program – An Access database that included some VBA programming; this program was for tracking employees, inventory and expenses.

Scheduling program – Excel and VBA wer used to create a program that schedules the rooms at a college, checking to make sure there are no duplications.

Continuing Education Website - The program would create the Website from information that was mined from an existing database. Visual Basic was used to create the program which automates and simplifies the updating process so that the users don’t have to have any web page or database skills.

Breeding Program - A VB program that extracts information from an existing access database. It displays & prints pedigree and progeny charts for animals.

Modem Usage - Created a program in VB for an Internet service provider to monitor modem status and log results.

Web site Management - Created a program in Access to track product submissions to websites.

Sales & Quote Management - Created a program in Access that made a way for them to track their sales and quotations through customized reports.

Talk Back Program - Created a program in VB that records audio clips and text messages and emails them to the radio station. It also converts the audio clips to MP3 format before sending.

Pension & Reward Program - Created a program in Access that calculates when employee awards are due based on a number of different variables.

Personel Management Program – A program that keeps track of employee interviews, bonuses and promotions. Allows supervisors to record and track information relating to employee status and reward.

Website & Development – from simple small business sites, to multinational conferencing sites.

Time Tracker Application – this program records the time allocated to job tasks on a hand held computer in a form that can upload it into the main database.

Web Portal – Built a complete web portal that is updatable with no html knowledge.


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